Your podcast schedule needs a dose of Naija, and these 5 are a good start

If you are still in doubt why podcasting has exploded into the media space, here’s a hint;  the millennial likes the idea of controlling everything they consume, especially when it comes to digital content. We still love radio, but we can’t tell Cool FM where and when we want to listen to music. With podcasts, you can.

But while you’re listening to This American Life and Radio Diaries, jazz up your listening with these Naija owned and run podcasts.

Submarine and a Roach

Submarine And a roach

Run by TMTisClutch and Kojo, Submarine and a Roach is the perfect mix between the woke bro-dude frat boy and Kojo. The episodes run the gamut from talking about high school shenanigans, sex addicts and everything in between in a stream of consciousness narrative delivery. It does get somewhat annoying at times but generally the episodes tend to fly by.

If not for anything else, listen to Submarine and a Roach so you can play this drinking game we devised over at PartyJollof. Take a gulp everytime Kojo says ‘Shout out to…’, cos he says it so much we’re a little worried he might have tourettes.


We Just Got Back


We Just Got Back……like you.

Three Nigerian girls share their stories about the joys (and many sorrows) of returning to Nigeria. We talk about the ups and downs of being back, how we’re coping (or not) and the ridiculous things we find ourselves getting up to.

Of the podcasts on this list, We Just Got Back is the most no-holds barred, and sounds a whole lot like the popular podcast show The Read. Tam, Boj and King Cam  get down and gritty about sex, relationships, waxed vaginas and the intricacies of navigating the craziness that is Nigeria after spending considerable time outside the country.

Great episodes to check out include Valen-times and Feminists Cant Menstruate So Instead We Got Drunk.

The only bad thing about the show that the girls tend to get side tracked easily and ramble on and on about inside gist that we know nothing about.


Now O’ Clock

Now o clock

If you like the one-on-one discussion type radio, then Now-O-Clock is definitely the podcast for you. Run by @KingWole, Now-O-Clock seeks to explore the complexities in the lives of the Nigerian post millennial tween and the unique things that define their identities and relationships.

Just four episodes in at this point, you can easily catch up. Plus as an added bonus, the first episode features multi-media artist and singer Adekunle Gold. What better way to start a podcast than snag a high profile celebrity.

We should mention though, that several of Wole’s guests have had to phone in so the audio quality isn’t that great all the time. If they’re going to keep their listeners, they’re going to have to figure that out, fast.


Loose Talk

Loose Talk

Ayo, Steve and Osagie, the entertainment big wigs over at Pulse.Ng decided to put their collective knowledge all in one place for the Loose Talk podcast. They’ve invited a number of influential people to come speak on business and admin sides of entertainment and all the other interesting things that go on behind the glossy stages and red carpets.

A really great episode was their latest, the one about entertainment contracts, in light of the mess that has followed Runtown, Milli and Skales. Also when the Savage pays the billz.  Amazing stuff.

The Loose Talk podcast is pretttttyyyyyyyyyy lonngggggggggggg. Like heartache inducing long. Won’t argue though, as some serious gems get dropped in those minutes.


ZIKOKO Podcast


Zikoko (our supposed sworn rival) has finally joined the melee of podcasts by young, post millenial Nigerians. Theirs is a general interest podcast that takes on things that have happened during the week and has the crew of Zikoko writers give their opinions on it. Think of this as a precursor to the dreaded taste tests that everyone has been predicting in Zikoko’s nearest future.

Let me confess though, the podcast is quite interesting, considering there are five differing opinions on the show. There’s only one episode so it’s too soon to tell but we like it.

Who knows?



Semira Bello is lacking in conscience and lives her life on Youtube. When she isn’t watching Iroko TV, she is writing ‘serious’ articles about fashion and pretending to apply make up. 



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