Your Guide to marrying an Efik Woman

The Efik is an ethnic group located in the southern part of Cross River State in Nigeria. They are known to speak the Efik Language, and their signature cuisine is Edikang Ikong soup.

The Efik is also popularly known for their tradition as regards to their brides. The Efik Woman/Bride is expected to go through their fattening room for an extended period secluded to be pampered, fed amongst many other things to make sure she looks “perfect” for her groom.
Although some of these traditions are not followed strictly today, they are still being followed; only modified or modernized.

Some of the things you should put in mind if you would want to marry an Efik woman includes but not limited to the list below.

  • You would provide one bottle of brandy, one bottle of beer and two soda drinks as “knocking/hello” drinks.
  •  One bottle of spirit (GIN), two bottles of beer, two malts and two bottles of soda drinks will be provided as “Prayer” drinks.
  • You would provide drinks to communicate your intentions. They are one bottle of Esplendido brandy, five bottles of two different types of beer, four malt drinks and two soft drinks.
  • Introduction drinks (One Spirit (GIN), two red win, sixteen bottles of three different types of beer, bottles of malts and soft drinks with thirty thousand Naira – NGN30,000.00 cash)
  • Appreciation drinks includes, one bottle of brandy, one spirit drink (GIN), two red wines, fourteen bottles of three different types of beer, bottles of malts and soft drinks with ten thousand Naira – NGN10,000.00 cash)

After the groom to be must have presented the above, the joyous traditional ceremony, which usually coincides with the graduation ceremony of releasing the bride from the fattening room takes place the whole day with friends and families celebrating the new union.

The newly married couple is usually accompanied home by traditional dancers to signify the success of the occasion.
I must say Efik women have one of the best traditional outfits, and they always look colorful.

Have you attended an Efik wedding before? Are you an Efik woman? Did I miss out on anything?




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