You should be excited about the hilarious ‘African Booty Scratcher’

It is a story everyone can relate to.

African Booty Scratcher

African Booty Scratcher is the story of a Nigerian immigrant family to the US.

Donald Trump immigrants

Even against the usual challenges, – think culture shock, a sprinkling of racism, they appear to be doing just fine.

African Booty Scratcher is a comedy series about a family of Nigerian immigrants and their struggle to balance wanting a better life for their son with wanting him to maintain their traditional values and cultural identity. The series was created, written and produced by Damilare Sonoiki.

Damilare Sonoiki


This show promises to show Nigerian families in the abroad at their finest. From the over-demanding father.

African Booty Scratcher Father

To the mother who will cry (if she has to) to get you to do better.

African Booty Scratcher Crying Mum

And the ever-present jollof rice at the dining table.

African Booty Scratcher Jollof Rice

In all, it is a story of family, expectations, and most importantly, love.

Support the project on Kickstarter here.




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