You can relate to these 17 photos if you ever had examination day fever

1. How you got to the exam hall after cramming the night before.


Time to pour everything.


2.When someone offers a handshake but you’re scared they’ll make you forget.


You cannot come and put me in trouble.


3. And then the person you didn’t shake taps your back.

Nervous gif

Hay! I’m dead.


4. And you forget.

John Boyega f9


5. Everything.

angry frustrated screaming



6. So you rush to stand behind someone so you can copy.

In line

Do these people even know anything?


7. And then the invigilator just looks at you, and throws you to a lonely end of the exam hall.


Why do bad things happen to good people?


8. You see the questions.


Am I at the wrong exam?


9. And your hopes just do like this.


Omawumi walkout

You don’t mean me well you this brain.

10. And you’re just there wondering why you can’t just leave the exam hall and go become a rapper or billionaire.

Falz simpu sturvs

Izz your boy Examzo.


11. But then you remember why.

Patience Ozokwor slap

Bring your face let me put dirty rap on it.


12. Then you hear 30 minutes more.

Will smith shock

[email protected]!


13. And your brain opens.

woman computer

Such a genius. Such a genius. Such a genius.


14. And then “Pens up!”

chuzzu cry

5 minutes more please. Epp me.


15. You go outside the exam hall and someone asks, “How was the paper?”, and you quickly say “Na God!”

Kanye smile laugh

Wazz your business please?


16. And then the day you go and check the results.

gaze gif


What is this I’m seeing?


17. Bye bye to that course forever!


Byeeee Mr Henemee!



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That go-to guy for different sturvs. Books and the Internet have taken him to Mars. He still loves his Garri with very cold water. Yeah, Content and Copy rock.

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