#BringHimHome: This is how Yahoo boys operate now

Remember Mark Watney, the astronaut from ‘The Martian’ book/movie who got stranded in Mars and the whole world had to pull resources together to bring him back?

The Martian


Well, a Nigerian astronaut needs us to bring him home too. At least that’s what this email from one Dr. Bakare Tunde says. I know I know, we’re mind blown too but our guy needs $3 million to rescue a Nigerian astronaut Abacha Tunde (no jokes) who was left behind by the Russians.

Astronaut scam


Wait a minute. There’s no Astronaut Abacha Tunde in Space. There’s no Nigerian in Space. Its just a bloody scam email.

Black woman shock

Buhari was wrong. Nigerians don’t have an image problem abroad. We have an image problem in Space.

Jordan laughing


The guys who pulled this off are so badass that they even managed to get an email domain for the Nigerian Space Research and Development Agency (I know I know. We’re also surprised we have an agency like that.)

Anyway, we should start a hashtag for our compatriot making us proud in space.

#BringAbachaLootHome  #BringAbachaTundeHome



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