With this tool you will never have baby mama troubles again

There are not that many men who want to have babies as a result of every sexual encounter. Especially when they aren’t married.

This is why some men practice what is called coitus interruptus. You know the method, the pull out one. That one where you exit the building just before the bomb goes off.

So a strong pull out game looks like this

pull out game strong

While a weak one looks like thispull out game weak

or this

Davido screaming epp


So to save guys the trouble, a German inventor, Clemens Bimek, went to work

Clemens Bimek

And invented something he calls the Bimek SLV. Its a small switch that is installed in the scrotum to stop the flow of sperm to the penis

Sperm switch

In fact, Clemens Bimek already had it installed surgically. Whats more? 25 people are willing to test it this year

To try or not to try?


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