Why you should be worried about Harrysong’s ‘Akagum’ music video

Harrysong is back again, and this time, he is with Port Harcourt’s first son, Duncan Mighty, delivering a fine song titled ‘Akagum’.

Akagum means stingy in Igbo. As per super glue palms and sturvs.


We dunno what Harrysong has been drinking or has given us to drink, but since Reggae Blues, everybody has been dancing. Even with this song.

But you see this video, it is giving us stomach pain.

It starts out well enough, with the Akagum task force going around town arresting all the stingy people.



First, they arrest a big boy who is buying torchlight phone for his babe, then they arrest a guy who is turning up while his mum is broke. They also hit up a boss who trashes someone’s business idea, and then a girl who refuses to give a guy knacks.

Wollup Gif

Yep! A stingy girl who refuses to give a guy knacks.

This is how it plays out.

Mr Nice Guy buys gifts for baby girl, and starts to get the reward. You know how 2Baba said “After the show na the party oh!”.


Time for knacks, baby girl said no.


And guess who shows up to arrest her for being stingy with her own vayjay (or whatever it is Mr Santa Claus wanted?) The Akagum Task Force.


The guy even jeers, asking to take her away, because stingy girl.

Wait a minute.

WHat the hell

Nope. Nope. At this point, our stomachs started to turn so much that it didn’t allow us enjoy the Gala Mr Harrysong was trying to help UAC Foods sell in the next scene.

Akagum Gala

What this is telling us is that gifts are a standard means of exchange for knacks. To really understand what ‘gift’ means, we had to visit the dictionary, because English language is like English weather; it can change any damn time.

The dictionary said;

A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.

Oho! So apparently, the Akagum Task Force are just as corrupt as the people they are arresting.

DJ Khalid Played Yourself

If you want her to dance, play Reggae Blues, but it is not by force. No means no.

This leaves us with one question now.

Who will arrest the Akagum Task Force?





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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