Who Summer don epp? 11 reasons Nigerians don’t care about Summer

1. When you wear bikini outside like The Abroad, Nigerian parents will say you don’t have home training.

shaking head

Bad gang dressing.


2. We are fine with our two seasons; rainy and dry seasons thank you very much.



We are not greedy.


3. But then again, whenever it is not raining, we are already counting it as summer.

Sweating man


The heat is too much.


5. Do you know how much fuel it already costs to run A/C for a few hours?

pull generator

Let us roast our small roast in peace.


6. You know how hard it is to eat Eba in the heat, imagine eating eba in summer.


Just kuku put spice inside the sweat and turn it to soup.


7. More heat will mean more body odour, especially since many people in public buses are quarrelling with deodorants or body spray.



Oga please can you drop your hand?



8. If we had proper summer, you’d probably walk beside some people and be like,

Faint guy


Death by choking smeh.


9. Who cares about summer parties? We party all. year. round.

dance woman

Every other weekend is a summer party.


10. We don’t shop for a season, we shop for all seasons.



Who has money to be wasting for that please?


11. And lastly, the only thing we really associate with summer in Nigeria is summer school.

mum cane flog


And nah, we don’t look forward to those lessons very much.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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