Who is going to help us flog the WAEC Registrar?

Growing up was a trap.

When we were kids, all we had to do was homework, food, play and sleep.

But then we grew up.


And we need to deal with it, because life happens.

Dont make me cry


But there are people who have failed at this adult thing this year, and we have to treat their fuck ups the Nigerian way.Samtakesoff belt

Most recently, a highly successful Nigerian has showed behaviour worthy of chopping cane.

Dr Iyi Uwadiae.

Iyi Uwadiae


Our finance minister was talking about how money has been doing somehow at WAEC. In the middle of doing some billion math, she slipped and messed up the sum of 16 billon and 6 billion. She said 26 billion, instead of 22.



crying man

But shit happens. Slips of the tongue happen all the time.

All that was not Dr Iyi Uwadiae’s business.

The WAEC Registrar defended his watch of all the allegations but he didn’t stop there. He went on to say;

“However, we do not know the mathematical formula the honourable minister used, when she said the summation of N16 billion Naira and N6 billion Naira was N24 billion Naira. I think somebody needs to resit her WAEC mathematics examination. And we in WAEC have offered to give her a free WAEC form in this respect,”



We are talking money in these austere times, uncle was shading like kindergarten.



Remember when we were in Primary school? All those jokes we made at each other? Yep. This is one of them, and he deserves to be punished, not with a query, but with cane.

Teacher flogging






When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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