Where were you when you heard Abacha died? 21 Nigerians reminisce

8, June 1998, the day former Head of State and military dictator General Sani Abacha died, ranks high up on the list of most memorable moments in Nigerian history. Yesterday, Nigerians decided to share their recollections of that momentous day.

Crash course for Abacha.



Backflip for Abacha.


When Abacha is tighting the chest of your family.

Or when Abach’s call is the greater call.

Abacha is dying with your new employment status.

When the death of Abacha turned the market to disco.

Celebration like Nigerians had never seen, probably since independence.

Mr Lamide must be Minister of Information.

Muzzbe burial akara.


Nobody prepped enough for the announcement.



In Abacha’s death, men are liberated from suffering. Amen?


Or his death is the cause of your suffering.



When your school slangs were probably the cause of Abacha’s death.


Abacha and the Fast and Furious republic.


How would we have remembered Nigeria has a cricket team?


When schools stop grooming tomorrow’s leaders and start grooming undertakers.


We wonder if this dissection was finished.


When Abacha’s carryover to the afterlife almost gives you carryover in this life.


When Abacha’s death happened like Christmas.


No call up letter but plenty turn up power.


We hope no one has to die again for Nigerians to have another reason to celebrate.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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