When are we getting a ministry of happiness in this country?

At this moment, there’s ice block on my head that is melting really fast for just one reason; I am not happy. In fact, I am very, very angry.

Something has been making the news this week; the United Arab Emirates just created a ministry of happiness, but they don’t stop there. They took it notches higher and appointed 22-year old Ohood Al-Roumi as Minister.

Ohood Al Roumi


And then it has me thinking, who is the closest we have to a minister of happiness in Nigeria, and this is the person that comes to mind.



Now I’m fucking angry.

When you do a little math, you’ll realise that when Ohood was born, Pa Lai was already 42. Pa Lai was probably saying to himself “I don’t want to have any kids again”.

Lets not even get started on that ‘Leaders of tomorrow’ talk.


Buhari behaVE


But moving on, I have a question for our government; does the UAE have two heads?

How does a country go from mostly sand and camels when Ohood was born to being one of the most developed nations in the world?

What do they have that we don’t have in excess, except sand and heat of course?

Okay okay, I think I found one thing; visionary leaders! The one thing that has continued to evade us.




So while that same country is devising an 82 billion dollar plan to prepare them for life after oil, Nigeria is still playing ping pong with a 2016 budget whose deficit we intend to fund with loans, loot chasing and “by the Grace of God”.

And you’re asking me why I’m angry. If I give you backhand.

Well, we are already here, so maybe we can just as well focus first on how to make the Naira relevant again since it is quickly heading to Zimbabwe. The only way we can go global is when we do local.

And please don’t mention that “May God epp us”, it’ll only make me angrier.

Here’s a small task, knock your head lightly. If there’s a hollow, you need that help. If there’s a brain inside, then Baba already helped you.


Use your head1


Anyway, let me go to the freezer and get the more ice block for my head.

Oops. No light.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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