What if Hillary Clinton was a Nigerian Presidential nominee? Expect these 14 things to happen

1. People are going to protest because what else do they have to do with their lives?


A man must be the head!


2. So when they fail, they’ll send Dino Melaiye to try to impregnate her.

Dino agbada

Because, King of the Pollination Gang.


3. Every Journalist that interviews her will be like “so how do you combine things like cooking with your job?”nene-shade

Does it count if I hire a chef because I can afford one?


4. Or how many times she kisses her husband in a day.nene leakes tired

After all Florence Alakija said she kisses her husband two times a day.


5. Or whether her husband supports what she’s doing.

Just look at

Question for the gods.


6. “Is your husband going to start kneeling down when he’s greeting you?”


Asper Fayose-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.


7. People will start to ask if the husband will become First Lady, or First Man.

Abba-Moro (1)

Just look at.


8. If she proposes a harsh policy, people will say she’s too arrogant.

angry frustrated screaming

“Are you angry with us because you’ve entered Menopause?”


9. If she soft-pedals, people will say she’s too soft.

Odunlade angry

“Women are so weak”.


10. Then the Army Wives, and Police Officers Wives, and all the Wives, will start coming for courtesy visit.


“Just because you’re one of us.”


11. Someone is going to accuse her of using 5 million naira makeup.

Joker Hi

Muzzbe Berger abi Dulux paints.


12. Or of sleeping in a hotel for two weeks instead of on her matrimonial bed.

nene l

“If you don’t keep your husband happy, another woman will”.


13. But beyond all of this, maybe, just maybe, she’ll still go on to trump whatever Trump she’s facing here.

dance woman



14. Notice how no one seems to be interested in her competence. Because in Nigeria,

Odunlade who you epp

No time for that one.


But the big question remains, is Nigeria ready for a female President?



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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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