Were scenes from Captain America: Civil War really shot in Lagos?

Captain America: Civil War is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. It is the third instalment in the Captain America series following Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Winter Soldier.

Captain America7

While the movie is set to be released May 6 this year, something interesting is up. Newly released images are showing that some scenes appear to have been set in Lagos.

Captain America3

And as you’d expect, Nigerians are already excited that Captain America and his squad got to experience what we experience at Murtala Muhammad International Airport; that special heat that hits you at the arrivals section.


People have been going back and forth about where this scene was actually shot.

Captain America1 

Is it Lagos Island or Computer Village or even Yaba?

Captain America2

Everybody wants it to be their hood, as if Lagos landlords will not use that as an excuse to increase house rent.


Well, sorry to break your hearts. Captain America never came to Nigeria. In fact, Captain America never left America.

Eddie murphy shock

Shekau you can breathe easy now, or have a heart attack more preferably.

Now, you’ll probably be asking, where did they shoot it, and where did they get those Danfo buses?

Captain America5


With a multi-million dollar budget, you can make anywhere look like anywhere you want it to be. The scene was actually shot in Atlanta, according to Wikipedia.

Captain America

The entire scene was created, including the roofing sheets, the buses, the costume, and everything perfect, except for one thing; the people.

Captain America6


Nobody is sweating, in this heat. Must be Silverbird Galleria.

This is what a Lagos market looks like, because what is a Lagos market without the Alabaru with the tray on his head to help you carry everything you bought?

In all though,  you have to give it up to them for recreating an almost flawless set.




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