We tried to make sense of this Wizkid photo, we really did. This is all we could think of

Wizkid has had a busy 2016, from slut shaming Linda Ikeji working with Drake on his new album, to stunting on the “One Hell Of A Night” tour with Chris Brown.

Wizkid Tour

Some guy at FAB magazine’s online imprint, Fab.ng thought, “Woooow, great idea!” and took this photo.

wizkid toilet


Just because in the immortal and anti-EFCC words of Olamide;

Pan Sterling lawa fi n se tissue.

But you see we don’t like to rush into conclusions, so we just tried to think of all the possible ‘stories’ this photo was trying to tell.

1. The photographer probably hollered at the Starboy like, “Yo, Wizzy baby loke loke. Let’s make art.”


Maybe they tried to do some storytelling. Like…

3. When you’ve dressed up to go to party but karma comes like the beans you had last night.

wizkid toilet


4. But then it’s your brother’s cloth, so when he catches you wearing it, he decides to lecture you right there in the toilet.

Wizkid cloth



5. Or maybe you are a Yahoo boy and EFCC has surrounded your house, so you decide to spend all your cash to the last pound.

wizkid toilet

6. Remember Truth or Dare? Maybe someone dared Wizkid to do this.

Wikzid play


7. Or did Wizkid swallow the album he has been promising for about a year and is now trying to shit it out?


We are trying really hard here. Really. We would have asked Wizzy for a press release, but we doubt he’ll give us one anyway. See how long it is taking Kiss Daniel’s team to drop a press release regarding his age. Wizkid’s might take longer.

Like, look at his face again and the way he’s just looking tired.

wizkid toilet

You think this shit looks like it is coming out soon?



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