We think Enugu state lawmakers are full of shit, and here’s why

While the United Arab Emirates was electing its youngest minister, a 22-year old woman, something else was going down in Enugu State.

The chairperson of the state House Committee on Gender Affairs, Hon. Nkechi Omeje-Ogbu, a female member representing Nsukka West Constituency, sponsored a bill.

It was a bill to give equal rights to men and women in the state, so women don’t get discriminated on account of gender and maternity issues, amongst other things.

It was thrown out in the second reading.

The reason? It was un-african.




In 2016? They must be high on some cheap stuff.

It gets worse though. One Hon. Sunny Ude-Okoye. Somebody’s father. This is what he said, “I have risen to declare my stand, I have risen to take my stand that this is a colossal waste.”


Kanye seriously


Well, we think he needs to sit the fuck back down on the colossal waste he stood up from.

And we have some people women to help put him in his place.


We addressed this before, but the shitty lawmaker(s) obviously did not see it, so here goes.

It isn’t un-African for women to excel in Nigeria. We should start with Queen Amina of Zaria. We’re guessing the people of ancient Zaria allowed a woman from Arabia rule over them.

Or maybe Moremi is from China, Iden is from India, and Eringa is Michelle Obama’s great great grandmother.



How about madam Ikoma, leader of the historic Aba Women’s riot, who helped men fight for their rights when they were too timid to do so? We’re guessing perhaps she was from Germany, you know, like Angela Merkel’s aunty or so.


Use your head1

Makes perfect sense.

We think all of them need to go home to their mummies and ask some important questions.

End of rant.

drop mic




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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