We see Tiwa Savage’s new video, Teebillz’s Insta-rant and we have all these questions

April 26, 2014.

Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun and Tiwatope Savage are in Dubai for their wedding with the entire entertainment industry dancing along with them.



April 27, 2016.

Tiwa is dancing again, only this time, Teebillz is nowhere in sight. It is the release of her new music video with Dr Sid titled, ‘If I start to talk’.


Beautiful visuals.


And you know the thing with many good videos in these zones, Clarence stole shot it.

While Tiwa was out partying, her significant other was on Instagram spilling all the beans.

He started with how he helped her out of her insecurity.



Moral of the post: I helped your life even when you were nothing.

Then he went for his love-at-first-kiss moment.


Moral of the post: I sacrificed for you (I helped your life). I listened to your music (I helped your life). Your mother jazzed me like she jazzed your dad. (I still helped your life.)


Then he apologised to his kids.




Moral of the post: I haven’t been the best father because I went from childhood spiritual battle to monster-in-law spiritual battle. (I forgot to apologise for dragging the person you call mummy in the open, but whatever).

Then he talked about leaving the music business.



Moral of the post: All my failures are because you, Tiwa failed to support me and your mummy is a witch.


Then he went south real quick from depression to getting kicked out.



Moral of the post: You paid the billz and took my manhood away. Your mummy humiliated me so much. I’m not the best husband (but I still helped your life.)


Then he did the special thanks to Omawumi’s husband and Annie Idibia.



Moral of the post: Thank you for being there Omawumi’s husband and Ani Idibia, for feeding me. Tiwa hasn’t asked ‘have you eaten?’ (that’s Nigerian for ‘I love you’) in 3 years. Tiwa you can’t know peace until I forgive you (because I helped your life.)


Then the slut-shaming.



Moral of the post: You were sleeping with everybody and you’re a slut.


Then he blamed his daddy for all his problems.



Moral of the post: Dear daddy, God fucked up making you my daddy.


Then he said he was done. With everything.



Moral of the story: I want to kill myself.


Then the curse.



Moral of the post: I’m cursing you that your career will never have peace (but I still intend to kill myself and leave the children for you to take care of).

End of rant.

Reports say he was going to commit suicide by jumping from the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge but was saved miraculously at just the right time by Peter Okoye and Banky W.

So we started wondering what could have started the rant, and we have a few theories.

In Tiwa’s video, she sings;

If I start to talk, the thing wey I done take my eye see we no go end. And then this scene comes on;



It shows a battered woman lying beside her husband who is smoking and surrounded by empty bottles which indicate drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence.

Could it be that Tiwa was somehow confirming the rumours that Teebillz was in fact an abuser?


Considering the fact that there were endless accusations of Tiwa Savage getting beat up by her husband even before they got married.

Could her ‘If I start to talk’ also be talking about her silence regarding the violence? Considering this image was also in the video


It shows a woman suffering in silence. Kinda.

She sings, If I start to talk, the thing wey baba God done do e no go end.

And this image comes up.



It shows our smoking guy with his head under a woman’s feet, shivering.

Was Tiwa telling us that she has conquered, all thanks to God? And perhaps, gotten justice somehow?

Lady Justice


Back to Teebillz,

Could he have been pissed because Tiwa dueted with someone he accused her of sleeping with?


And even making him King.

Is Teebillz angry that he no longer has complete control? Or that Tiwa has gone rogue?




Did Annie know when she was giving Teebillz food that her husband had slept with Tiwa?



Also, to a very important issue,

When will we begin to take mental health seriously in Nigeria?



And Tiwa, when will you start to talk though?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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