We ripped this new MTN Pulse ad to the last detail, and it is shady to the bone

Can we all agree that these telecom companies make better ads than their actual services?



We know the telecom ad wars have been around for a while now, the biggest hit being Saka’s porting from Etisalat to MTN.



Many have come after from all sides, but none as memorable as this. But it is looking like MTN has not run out of moves.



For the first time in human history, Falz is delivering bad news, and he did it so good. He’s delivering the bad news to these guys.



Okay, you all know the drill, but we shall put some home-training sensor on them.

In deep green tie is Mr Glover, light green is Mrs Etisola, and red is Mr Airtele.

Tupac gif

Then Falz goes on to explain what MTN Pulse is about and whatnot.


Then more shades start to drop from Falz’s mouth. Fast forward to when MTN is playing music and Mrs Etinsa is bumping her head to jams, and Mr Glover just looks her at her, like.

In traffic with your husband driving, but the car beside yours is finer and has better speakers.


Fast forward to security breach and Pulse’s helicopter has landed outside.



The breeze hits all three and Etisalat takes most of the hit. Out of the helicopter come three people.



Haters will say MTN Pulse is doomed to fail because of that thing they say about Skales, the guy on the right,

“If you tie bomb to Skales’ chest, he will still not blow”

Caleon cry

But we don’t listen to haters.

The chopper does something interesting to Mrs Etisola’s hair. It blows it away.



Are they saying Mrs Etisola is all packaging and no real long hair, or to put it better, no substance?

Jordan Crying

And we noticed how Mr Glover kept talking and doing strong-face every time.

overdoing it

And Mr Airtele? Just taking his position of silence in the industry and not saying pim throughout the ad.


The ad signs off with Falz.

Looking like when you meet your Instagram crush in real life and what you see is not what you expected.



Anyway, Falz signs off the ad saying;

I’m moving to empty hen pus with immediate effect.

Yep, we thought so too.




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