We reimagined Celine Dion as a grieving Nigerian woman. And it’s a must read

In the past one week, one of the most famous voices of all time Celine Dion suffered two tragic losses; her husband Renee Angelil died two days before his 74th birthday.

Celine Dion husband

Her elder brother Daniel died two days later, on her husband’s birthday, also from cancer.

Celine Dion Brother

May their souls rest in peace.

There are no words to describe how she must be feeling.

Being Nigerians, we like to own everything we love, whether its the Williams’ sisters or some yet-to-be-famous athlete in Belgium, we dig up roots for them in Nigeria whether or not they are interested.

We shall reimagine the music superstar as a Nigerian and christen her Selena Odion.

The skin colour can be explained thus.

Thelma Okaz

The hair is even easier to explain.

human hair

So here is Selena whose husband has recently died.


The condolences are rolling in.

Selena Odion1

And more.

Selena Odion2


And another.

Selena Odion4


Drake meme

And the bomb drops.

Selena Odion

And it’ll just have us all like.


Two days later while she’s still wearing black for her husband, her brother dies.

Obama crying

The headlines will go ham.


More tweets.

Selena Odion3

No dear, only two people did not die. Peep this.


And more tweets.

Selena Odion5

And then another bombshell.



In the end people will forget and move on with their lives as always and then it’ll beg the question again, what is wrong with Nigerians?


But here’s an answer.Twitter DOwn

Nigerians are mad, and have no one to tell them.




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