We may have discovered the secret to the Nigerian love for Jollof Rice

We know where that where three or more Nigerians are gathered for Owambe, one thing is sure: Jollof Rice is making the rounds.

Jollof rice

But who even invented Jollof Rice?


Sources say it was invented by a Senegalese woman names Penda Mbaye. She used rice as a replacement for barley.
Drake Barley

She was a woman from the Wolof People. In their language, it’s called Benachin, for ‘one pot’.

Wolof Women
Wolof Women

Can we please have a moment of gratitude to big Aunty Penda?

Clapping crying

But to the big quesion; Why do you Nigerians get so emotional about Jollof Rice?

confused baby

Aunty Penda’s spirit instructed us to gather every ingredient that has ever been part of the Nigerian Jollof Rice experience.

Prophet AY

We checked every recipe, every discussion, every family secret available, and this is what we found;

Betumi Blog

Rice, red onions, stock cubes, bell pepper (tatashe), tomato, green peas, fish, firewood, vegetable oil, thyme, salt, spring onions, curry, nutmeg, ginger, bay leaves, palm oil.

Hold on, we are heading somewhere
Hold on, we are heading somewhere

Scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo), water, crayfish, garlic, white pepper, green bell pepper, broth, plantain, salad, turkey, carrot, moin moin, butter, paprika, locust beans (iru), coconut milk, and green beans.


You know how many ingredients we found? 36. Guess which country has 36 states?


That’s not even the best part. All these ingredients come together in the Federal Capital Territory. 


Might just be a coincidence, but maybe, just maybe it’s a sign.

Kanye shrug

One thing we do know is that whether you’re happy,


Or sad.

Jordan Crying

No matter your tribe, or social class. We can all agree, that if we must begin this conversation about “One Nigeria”, we must first meet at the table, and the table must have the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the alpha and omega. Jollof Rice.praying-gif


Long Live Jollof Rice.




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