We found the ONE reason ladies are so happy in sanitary pad adverts

We know period days might not always be bright ones mood wise. We salute our women for pulling this off every month.

salute gif


But seriously, have you ever wondered why girls in African tampon ads are always overly excited?

Tampon no check gif

Like think about it, what is there to be excited about? It’s not like the mood is going anywhere.


Well we may have figured out why; we think it is gratitude.

Hold on, we are heading somewhere
Hold on, we are heading somewhere

Kenya’s Citizen TV made a 2013 report called “Period of Shame.” It talked about what rural girls had to go through since most of them could not afford sanitary towels.

They used dry leather from goatskin. Whats worse? It’s taboo according to local customs for unmarried girls to even own it.

Leather tampons

Some use chicken feathers.

Feather tampons

And others? Dry sand.

Sand tampons

And when you really think about it, it just leaves you:


Even though this happened in Kenya, when you give it some thought, you’ll realise this could actually be someone’s reality close to home, here in Nigeria.

In a country with about 3 million internally displaced persons and millions in extreme poverty, it is hard to see how this is not a reality here. So instead of feeling sorry, how about you make genuine efforts to help, whether its someone in your immediate environment, or organisations working to provide relief materials to less privileged people.

Roll up. Start now.






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