We crashed a one-year-old’s party and took these 12 adorable photos

We crashed a 1-year old’s birthday party, and we don’t feel bad about it, because we all have that someone who (we hope) calls us baby. That makes us babies too.

By the time we were done with all the Jollof, and cake, we took these photos as evidence.

1. When you spot your creche crush.


Waawu. What type of Cerelac do you eat?

2. And you try to get her to play with you.


Will you be my Crecher, yes? No? Yes?

3. Then she says she’s not playing, until you do one thing.


What? Anything.

4. You need to buy her biscuit.


How many cartons do you want?

5. Then after eating all the biscuit, she says she’s still not playing.


Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

6.  When you see the person that said you’ll never amount to anything at the bus stop.


How you see life now?

7. Then they start to form familiarity because they want free ride.


New phone, who’s this?

8. When you spot that crush months later at the mall.


Waawu. Still a stunner.

9. So you roll over with your cart to set P.


It’s now or never.

10. Then you get to her and she starts telling you stories that touch about her Super bae.IMG_0493

Who asked you please?

11. That “let’s sign that billion-dollar deal” face.


Izz nothing.

12. When you try to remind these politicians of the campaign promises they made.


I can’t hear you.


Photo credit: Oshomah



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