We counted the 11 grudges Tiwa Savage has against Teebillz

Harvest and dirty laundry season is here.

We were only just enjoying Beyonce’s Lemonade, and now Tiwa Savage and Teebillz brought their own fruits to the table.

Tiwa dropped the video for her If I start to talk song off her RED album. We loved it. We saw the subliminal too.



And in just two event filled days, she went from “If I start to talk” to “Doro get liver, she no dey tire”.


But we’re not complaining.

In a 45-minute interview with Azuka Ogujiuba of This Day Newspaper, Tiwa Savage went from this.

Tiwa silence

To this.

Water mouth


She tabled all her grudges against her now soon to be ex-husband, Tunji Balogun.

1. A catering company calls him in the middle of the night.

Remember when Teebillz said Tiwa hasn’t asked him for the past three years if he has eaten? Turns out he’s been eating somewhere.

Tiwa says in the interview that his phone kept beeping in the middle of the night while he was sleeping, and so, she checked his messages,


And it looked like our Teebillz ‘Edible Catering’ was Jay-Z’s ‘Becky with the good hair’.

We thought, “Oh!, maybe since Teebillz’s father might be an Alhaji, he wants to fast, and they want to deliver food to him in the midnight”. But its not even Ramadan yet.

In fact, by the time Savage finished reading their texts, there was no mention of food.



But there was a mention of hotel room. We like good innovation so we thought the hotel had a restaurant inside the bedroom.

Obama nodding

But Teebillz replied Edible Catering about her knocking him out. The food must have been heavy. Like pounded yam. Or strong eba.



When Mrs Balogun woke her husband to ask him about the Edible Catering, he said they were just chilling all night till 7am. We know they were not doing night vigil,



So what were they now eating?


We dunno too.


2. Teebillz is in an intense relationship with his barber.

According to her, Teebillz hasn’t spent a dime on their son, Jamil, because he claims he doesn’t have money, but he gets a haircut every two weeks. We imagined him walking into the barbing salon;

Teebillz: I want that haircut that will make caterers want to give me edible stuff that is not actually food.

Barber: Say no more.



We think the ‘E’ at the back of his ear is E for Edible. But that’s just a theory.


3. Teebillz is a Nigerian politician.

Quick riddle; what do Teebillz and a Nigerian politician have in common? The answer, according to Tiwa is this.

Eat money


Teebillz used to be Savage’s manager, but she fired him because he was embezzling the money paid from concerts.

In fact, she put it simply by saying;


4. TJ steals her money.

Buhari well done

She claimed that there were instances where, say 4.5 million was paid for  a show, but Teebillz would declare 3 million, and still collect his own 40% commission from the money he declared. In all, he’d probably pocket 1.7 million, while she’d pocket 1.8 million.


5. He is a liar.

Teebillz accused her of sleeping with Tuface, Dr Sid, Don Jazzy, but Savage was like.

Why you always lying


She even said she was ready to take a lie detector test.


6. Teebillz is into putting up appearances.

According to her, Teebillz was always saying he didn’t have money, but he still went on to buy a Mercedes he couldn’t complete payment for. Savage claimed the guy he owed kept calling like,

Rihanna bitch better have my money


So she paid up. Over 3 million naira. Then there’s also the unpaid Rolex. Serial debtor material.

Caleon cry economy


She said even though he claimed to assume his manly responsibilities, she kept doing everything to cover his shame. She didn’t forget to add that she made efforts to conceal the fact that she was the one paying the Billz.


7. She said he’s a borrow-poser.

Borrow borrow make me shine


Savage says the cup became full for her when he went to borrow 45 million naira. And he lost the money.


And that’s not the worst part, EFCC is on the matter. And that the people he’s owing the 45 million might come like.

Rihanna pay me what you owe me

And probably come for blood.


8. Teebillz is stingy.

Tiwa sad 45

She said about a week ago, she told him baby milk had finished but Teebillz didn’t do nothing.


9. She married a junkie.


Savage said she walked in on him doing coke once. But yet he said he didn’t have money.


10. Too many things are doing Tunji.

There’s the alcohol problem. There’s the coming home late, there’s the edible catering part, then cocaine, debt, and a husband jealous of his wife’s success. She basically said his life is doing like this.


And then she concludes;


11. Marrying Teebillz was a big mistake.


knockout of lifeTiwa Savage said she’s done with the marriage. Done with all the mental abuse. Etc.

In the end, she acknowledges Teebillz’ efforts in helping her boost her career, but just wants him to chill on the ‘I made you’ he keeps saying. While she doesn’t really care about marriage anymore, she did say the kind of things she’d want in a man.

Will Teebillz bring back the remix? We wait.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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