We asked 10 women to describe their perfect wedding day

Women take their wedding day seriously.


We asked some women if they’d like a big or small wedding and these are the things they said.


“I want a small wedding. Because less expenses. Less stress. Less people.” – Nana, 21


“I’ll go with a not so big and not so small wedding… Big weddings are stress and I want to be able to knack on wedding night… I have too many friends so a small wedding won’t do it either. So something in between? In a nice garden and stuff.” – Wuraola, 23


“Small but lush wedding. That’s because 1) I don’t like people in my business. 2) There’s beauty in simplicity. 3)I’m not about to spend so much feeding people that probably might not be happy for me. 4) It’s a special day and I’d love to celebrate with people that care about me. Seeing as I don’t have that many friends…. 5) I really just hate ero (crowds) “- Aminat, 23


“I think big weddings are overrated. Just an avenue for a lot of people who don’t love you to eat your food and make fun of you afterwards. Small weddings are more intimate and my religion endorses small weddings. Also, the economy is really f***ed up. Save all your money for the honeymoon.” – Nneka, 23


“Okay I want, no I must have a small wedding. Because big weddings are rowdy and you end up entertaining people who are neither friends nor well wishers. I like small, classy, intimate affairs. Not those circus Yoruba weddings.” – Jola 26


“Small wedding. First, I don’t want to spend so much. Then I don’t need so many people present. I would prefer they find out later than attend. Lastly, the more intimate the ceremony, the better for me. Immediate family and closest friends.” – Titi, 21 till I turn 50


“It goes two ways; the elaborate one is what I grew up craving. I always admire them whenever I attend and would like to have the whole pomp someday all for me. My parents would absolutely love that too. They believe in going all out for such an event. The small one on the other hand, would cost less, requires less stress and money can be saved for other things which are totally essential. The elaborate one looks like it for me.” – Wonuola


“I don’t like crowds, and I think a large wedding is just unnecessary, you can use the money to do better things such as the honeymoon and getting a nice apartment. You can do a small meaningful and nice wedding” Aisha, 23


“I would have a small wedding. I think there are better ways to put money to use. I could invest in a super super honeymoon instead. Then also, I don’t like stress, the build up to the day can be stressful. And the day itself. Also I can be very shy. ” – Adeboro


“I think big weddings are a waste of money and effort. It’s an expensive party which society (Nigeria’s in particular) bullies you into having. I’d rather keep my money and spend it on my marriage (our home, kids etc). The pressure causes so many fights as well I want to start my marriage happy not broke and exhausted. That being said I don’t know if my mother will allow me. She wanted to fight the day I showed her how simple I wanted my dress to be. But I think my dad will side with me.”- Seyi 23


What kind of wedding do you want?



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