We are sick of these 14 Nollywood stereotypes

We have seen more than enough Nollywood movies to last us ten lifetimes. Sometimes they are really good, sometimes they suck. But these 14 lazy stereotypes? Enough already.

1. Your in-laws must be evil.

Patience meme

We know Patience Ozokwor has to eat but please.

2. House girls can only come from Cross Rivers or Akwa Ibom.

ekaette meme

Nollywood house girls are so fertile even saliva will get them pregnant.

3. You can go to Ghana or South Africa and come back with American accent.


It happened for Francis Odega. And Jenifa. And Igwe 2pac.

4. Every car accident scene must end with the driver placing head on steering.

Latoun lookalike You think you are doing us? You are doing yourself.

5. If you have malaria and you feel like vomiting, my sister please swallow it.

Patience pregnant

Or else they will judge you.

6. When your mother discovers a wealthy chief or alhaji has impregnated you.

Patience God bless

Please help me to be keeping my daughter pregnant.

7. There is only one sign to detect a bad boy or bad girl.

Wiz Khalifa

And it’s smoking. Add a silly walking step and we’re good.

8. All bad boys meet in one place…

Kunle Afolayan and Yomi Fash Lanso

That bottle of Hennessy is not a mistake.

9. The major key to financial success is blood rituals.

Kanayo dollars

Buhari needs to order Nollywood to do blood money only in Naira. Because exchange rate.

10. Forget hard work, if a babalawo cannot solve it, you are finished!

Babalawo meme

If it is too hard, try the nearest church. Pastor must chop.

11. All gate men are doomed to be stupid.

Baba Suwe

They can’t epp it.

12. All wicked people must convulse and die.


Because the only form of justice is death.

13. Or run mad

He still spoke americanah with madness

This one still spoke Americanah inside madness.

14. Who else shall we thank for the success of the project and the death of our enemies?

To God Be The Glory

And special thanks to chief Ogbuefi for the house. Please borrow us next time.



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