We are excited about this new Nigerian action film

Not every time kiss kiss, love love. Sometimes fight, kick, shoot, blow up stuff.

Brandon Jose and Yomi Black have decided to rescue us from all the stories that touch Nollywood has been giving us lately in this movie that promises to keep us at the edge of our seats.

Bandits One Chance


In this movie starring Elma Godwin, Adunni Ade, Yomi Black, Timini Egbuson, Barrak Uche, Babajide Ayinde and Lanre Tyson, the filmakers are telling a modern crime story and borrowing a thing or two from local legends.

The story goes like this (we are assuming many things until the movie drops.)

Four successful bandits get a tip-off to steal priceless information from a history professor at the University of Lagos.

We are assuming this happened after UNILAG students got kicked out because they were protesting.


After they succeed, they find out the information they stole was a setup from the Godfather of the underworld “Fasundeen”.

Nigeria has too many Godfathers of the Underworld. Which department please?

confused baby

Fasundeen is a modern day jazzman with access to information on the value of different ancient artifacts, and he is in search of the most valuable artifact of all; the staff of Oranmiyan.

Hellooo? Fasundeen, the staff is right there, standing right there in Ile-Ife. And they say you are a hard guy.

staff of oranmiyan

The Staff radiates enough energy to power engines and nuclear plants.

Was this Buhari’s plan to give us the 20,000MW?

Mosunmola Omo Eleriyo Adigun, (Fasundeen’s sister and representative) delivers a cold and deadly message to the bandits from Fansudeen.


He (Fansundeen) expects them to find the location of the staff, while he holds on to one of their family member as leverage.

We were wondering what this mysterious hard guy looks like, then we saw this guy,



And the way he is walking like Van Damme.



We are assuming he is a jazzman with international exposure. A major sign of his international exposure is in the way he fights,


For a Yoruba hard guy, he doesn’t look like the stereotypical Yoruba gangster yelling things like Iyalaya anybody.

Olamide fuck


So the question that throws in all the action,

What did the bandits choose to do?

Oh well, they do what action people do; fight, shoot.



Whether or not they kill the bad guy, and rescue one of their own, we may never know until the film hits the cinemas (we’re not sure yet, but we hope it does).

And when it does, if it is the action you want, you will get it.



Watch the trailer here:



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