#WCW – The fastest woman in Norway is Nigerian, and her Igbo is flawless

Ezinne Okparaebo is racing into our minds. At a time of 11.10 seconds for every 100 metres, she’s currently doing her fastest.

That number is also Norway’s fastest female record.

Born 3rd of March, 1988, Ezinne has been running since she was about 13, and she hasn’t stopped since then.

She left Nigeria with her family at the age of Nigeria and has been doing great stuff ever since.


From Owerri to Norway. Just like that.

Nkem-Owoh Osuofia

But you would have thought she would forget her roots. No. Ezinne speaks Igbo as flawlessly as she makes rice, stew and plantain, her favourite food.

Back to Ezinne outrunning everything she can.

She was easily chosen to run for her country Nigeria Norway at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. And that is besides every other competition where they need a woman to run really fast.

Although she didn’t make it to the final, she represented as best as she could, and we know she’ll only get better, because baby girl is going to Rio.

Did we mention that she doesn’t forget to be smoking hot while at it?


And did we mention that she has a younger sister with so much talent and potential on the track?

Ezinne Chiamaka

Keep being an inspiration.






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