#WCW: Njeri Rionge is the undisputable goddess of Kenyan tech

Quick riddle.

I am a woman from Kenya who went from selling yoghurt to school kids during break time, to building East Africa’s first mass market Internet Service Provider (ISP). What’s my name?

Njeri Rionge.Njeri Rionge1


Rionge’s Wananchi Online, is East Africa’s leading cable, broadband and internet-based phone company, worth $150 million.

Because Rionge is a serial doer who never stops at one thing, she has gone on to create other businesses like Ignite, a management consultancy firm dedicated to helping African businesses leave lasting legacies.

Even though she’s already in her late forties, Njeri doesn’t look like she’s slowing down, and this is because of her passion for Africa being the next economic jewel of the world.

She has gottennotices on BBC, CNN and Forbes as one of the leading women in African tech.

Njeri Rionge


On the secret of her success?

Rionge says she tried several businesses, including hairdressing and shuttling Dubai, London and Kenya selling luxury goods.

She did all these and more before she eventually struck gold, and those gold reserves don’t look like they are running dry any time soon.

She currently shuttles between living in Kenya and Toronto, because the baby girl life is key.



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