UNILAG has been shut down and we should all be worried

The school authorities at the University of Lagos have sent everyone packing till further notice.

UNILAG eviction


The reason is because the Student Union was agitating for lack of basic amenities like electricity and water. So as a response, to avoid ‘break down of law and order’, they shut the school down.

This is what we think about the students.



We think they did the right thing, since everywhere else, there seems to be a high tolerance for bullshit. And then when you think about the people who think the students were stupid because they protested over a national issue, you remember this guy.

Fela Kuti

And it starts to make sense again why even without autotune, Suffering and Smiling was such a hit, just because we’ve normalised suffering.

Egypt’s march to Tahrir began because of bread shortages.


Then there’s the British who didn’t want the world to sleep because they had biscuit shortages, so much so they had to fly in biscuits from Dubai.




Iceland’s Prime Minister resigned after the people started protesting because his name came out in the names of noisemakers Panama Papers leak. But guess who’s a Senate President and is doing unlooking even though his name is also in that leak?

Mug of tea

UNILAG students will go home and they won’t meet light.

chuzzu cry

But then again, whose fault? Definitely not theirs. When we asked the elders, this is what they said.

Pete Edochie grease

So once again, if you’re angry or bitter about something, turn your weapons anger to the Capital.

Turn your weapons to the capitol


And to that bozo person at the University’s information office who designed that circular…

The flash see what you did there





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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