Tosyn Bucknor’s Service Of Songs: Banky W breaks down while reading his tribute (watch)

EME boss Banky W has revealed how he was a bundle of teary emotions when he heard the sad news of OAP Tosyn Bucknor’s death.

The musician who spoke during the service of songs organized for the late Bucknor mentioned how he lost himself and wept bitterly when he heard the news of Tosyn’s death.

Read his tribute below:

Tosyn.. spelt with a y not an i, because she was one of a kind.

Tosyn loved coke and Yoruba proverbs. She loved 9ice, MI, Rooftop MCs, and me. Tosyn was always full of joy and life. Tosyn was so SO kind.. to any and everyone.

She had one of the most popular voices on radio.. but it didn’t matter if U were a new artist or an extremely successful one. If she thought your music was good, she’d play it and she’d grant you an interview, without ever charging a dime.

She was sweet, energetic, a ball of love, light and life.. a blessing to anyone who ever got to spend time with her. We didn’t see or speak every day, but whenever we did, we picked up right from where we left off without missing a beat.
One of my favorite things about her.. and a lesson for all of us.. it’s not about how or when you die.. it’s about what you do with your life while you are here. It just seemed like Tosyn did EVERYTHING she wanted to do.

She’d have a radio show or a tv show one day. And then she’d put out her own music as an artist called Contradiction tomorrow. She’d do jeans for Genes one weekend, to support people with sickle cell, and then she’d turn around and do One Mic with Osagie, to support unsigned artists in need of a showcase. She was a speaker and a writer. A wife and a friend. An OAP and a humanitarian. A deep soul but more importantly, a kind one.

I’m heartbroken because I lost one of my favorite people on earth. But I’m grateful that I ever got to know her at all.
Tosyn has taught us that we must try to pursue our dreams, and make the very best use of the life we are given. Tonight is a reminder that when God decides that He wants us closer to Himself, the goal is that we would have done everything we wanted to do while we were here. Don’t waste another moment not pursuing your dreams.

We all pray to live long, but I think it’s just as important to pray that we die empty. Just like Tosyn did. I miss her and I will never, ever forget her. If Heaven happens to have a radio station, I’m sure God has already given her a job.
One of my favorite people on earth, is now one of my favorite people in Heaven. Live forever Tosyn Bucknor. We miss you.”

Tosyn died from complications of sickle cell anemia last week and will be buried later in the week.



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