#ThisWeekOnFakeDeep: Asa sang ‘Fire on the mountain’ at her concert and no one took off

All your favourite artistes go to sleep at night wishing to one day to wake up as Asa.


The Hawk landed at her first concert ever in Nigeria, and my, did Lagos stand up for her.

She blessed us with everything we’ve come to love about Asa; the guitar, the singing, the band, her trumpet. And even by just speaking to us, we were healed.

Asa Ikane Akhigbe

Perhaps, the most profound moment of the magical night was when everyone heard the instrumental, and didn’t even need Asa to tell them what song was coming on.

It was ‘Fire On The Mountain’, our first love affair with Asa.

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There is fire on the mountain,

And nobody seems to be on the run.

Naaah. People paid good money to want to run away. Plus, it was Asa.

kanye shake head gif


But you see, the few minutes of that song hold everything you need to know about Nigeria.

We see a problem with a region or sector, but we are at a safe distance, so we’re like.



Nope. Not in my backyard.


Then we see it on the news or read about what the people are experiencing, but are like.big-sean-mean-tweet

Not like I’m a bad person, but I have responsibilities here too.


And when people ask you to help make their problems disappear.

Baby like

Yep. That should do it.

And even when we are in a position to help, we are like.

Ambo unlook


Let’s just leave everything to God, because we have arthritis and our limbs are useless.


And then one day without notice, it will creep up on you and you’ll wish you had done something about it.

scare prank1

One day the river will overflow,

and there’ll be nowhere for us to go,

And we will run, run, wishing we had put out the fire.

Asa Fire on The Mountain

Asa sang from her heart to ours, and we danced. We danced.

Maybe now that we have caught our breaths, we can listen and draw parallels between Asa the singer, and Asa the prophet.

Prophet AY


There is fire on the mountain and we better start running.

Bruce Fake deep





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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  1. Sorry, but this wasn’t Asa’s “first ever concert in Nigeria. Unless, you mean, first ever self promoted or refer to this as a “Real Concert” as opposed to just “a show”. She’s payed numerous shows/gigs in Nigeria over the years. Fact.

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