This woman’s pregnancy was blessed with 1 kilo of bouncing baby cocaine

She had three kids already, and at 41, a fourth wasn’t looking like a bad idea.

Dorothy cocaine

Dorothy Onyekasi arrived the international airport in Lagos, and everybody was wishing her safe delivery in advance.

But when they she passed through screening, what looked like pregnancy was no longer pregnancy. It was 86 pellets of neatly wrapped cocaine.

Black woman shockBut she didn’t even take the expensive shit approach. She just simply wore a waist pouch and loaded it with 1.720 kilogrammes.


Estimated street value? 20.6 million naira.

Eddie murphy shock


The NDLEA Commander said;

“It was discovered that the suspect kept 86 wraps of cocaine inside a waist bag which was tied to her stomach.

Unfortunately, the drug was detected by NDLEA officers on her arrival from Dubai. The drug was immediately packed and weighed in her presence.”

Dorothy said;

“I am separated from my husband who left me with three children. I used to import female bags and shoes from Dubai. My involvement in drug trafficking is a mistake and I take responsibility for my action.

I travelled to Dubai to buy my goods. While I was preparing to return, I met a man in Dubai who gave me the drug and promised to give me enough money to expand my business. He also told me that when I get to Nigeria, he will call his partner to collect the drug and give me my money.

It is all my fault. If only I was contented with the profit from the sales of my goods; I would not have been in this problem.”

The NDLEA officials after listening to everything were probably like,



Moral of the story? If you must be pregnant, make sure it is a boy, or a girl, not cocaine.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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