This woman in Nassarawa criticised her state government, and got fired for her efforts

Democracy is the official system of government in Nigeria.

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But apparently, that one is just a story for the gods in Nassarawa State.

Ruqayyat Tijjani Usman, a State Counsel to the Ministry of Justice in Nassarawa State, shared some opinions on Facebook,

But all that one she was speaking was just English. The Governor had her summoned into his office, and then it was quickly followed up, not with a commendation for wanting her government to do more, but with this letter.

Because demanding more from one’s Government is clearly to much to ask, apparently.



The government probably expected that when she sees something wrong in the State, she goes,

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Nigerians on Social Media are showing support and demanding that she be re-instated to her former position. Even the normally absentee labour union is involved now.

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You can check out her social media accounts to show your support.

Hopefully, the government will reverse the childishness as soon as possible.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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