This Week in Petty Goals: Students in Osun State can now wear what they like to school

Following a recent court injunction in Osun State allowing Muslim students in the state to wear their hijabs over their school Uniform, the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria led by Reverend Elisha Ogundiya has basically been all up in the the injunction like.

We will not take it


So CAN directed all christian students to wear church garbs to school, because it is a democracy and you know, people can do what they like.


Look at them. These kids look like a mixtape might be dropping soon. They also look like their parents came up with this strange idea. The ones in green are dressed in choir robes, while the fellow in white is in a clergy robe.

We thought, since it is now all about freedom of expression, how about we up the game a little.



Osun state is so significant with Yoruba traditional religion, how about we bring everyone to the party? Starting off with Osun worshippers, how about the kids show up like this?


This shouldn’t be much of a problem because you know, Osun State has a history of setting aside two-day holidays for traditional worshippers.

The Sango worshippers to will do just fine.


The Maths teacher is going to be like, “Sangolayo, what is 2+2?” and Sangolayo will promptly unleash the dragon.

Spit fire

Ifa worshippers too will not carry last.

Ifa members


So maybe one day a teacher flogs one of them, they are just going to touch the teacher’s cane gently, and the teacher will go to the ground like.



And if Osun state has atheist kids who are free thinkers and can do what they like, they’d probably show up looking like this.

Frank Donga suit


Or stark naked, because you know, anything they like basically.

This had us thinking; what if the tradition of wearing uniforms to school is lifted and people can start wearing what they like?

Tupac gif


It probably would be a great idea. It would be great to see those girls wear their hijabs to school everyday, like they wear them at home. And the kids could wear their choir robes and priestly uniforms to school everyday, like they wear them at home. And the Osun worshippers too. And the Sango worshippers. And the atheists. So no one ever has to raise the issue of students wearing what others may see as a hidden religious agenda.

Everyone come with your agendas.

Joker clap


Yep. That should do it. Maybe governance is not so difficult then.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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