This Week In Petty Goals: Olisa Metuh did a 400-million-naira charity this week

Nigeria is like 200-movies-per-week Nollywood; you will do rubbish, then round it up with this,

To God Be The Glory

Its why when a politician digs borehole and brings scissors to cut rope and commission, everybody will be there like,

Falz boxer


It is not important that there’s a thing as a Water Corporation, that should make water available for everyone, borehole or not.

Mug of tea

Or why a President will accept defeat and we’d still celebrate. Because our standards take a new low every time like,

Cat2 So we heard that Olisa Metuh has decided to pity Nigeria and epp us.


He’s dashing us N400 million of the money that actually belongs to us. As per Father Christmas.

Kanye smile laugh


The allegations against Olisa Metuh were clear; he ate a piece of the Dasuki pie.

eating plenty


But instead of Metuh to be sober, he was like,

Nene Leakes no


In a statement released by his legal team, part of it said;

…Our client has made manifest his willingness to refund the money and has indeed approached his family, friends and associates to mobilise funds to refund the entire N400 million to the government regardless of the fact that the money had been expended based on the directives of the former president and that part of the money had been recovered from one of the prosecution witnesses.

Nene Leakes look at you


Another part of the statement read,

His refunding the money therefore goes to show his support for the anti-corruption war as well as serve as a testament to his sincerity, integrity and honesty in this matter.

Raven philant


So maybe we should celebrate Olisa Metuh. Give him a national award, or Nobel Peace Prize for supporting the Anti-Corruption war.

Clapping crying


We imagined Buhari hearing about Metuh’s statement like,

Buhari media chat4

Over to you;

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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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