This wedding dress was made from the native Aso Oke (photos)

CEOMania Alaso Oke has just shown us how bridal Aso-oke can be.

He organized a bridal shoot with the beautiful Sarah Ofili as his muse and yes, Sarah looked stunning in all the bridal outfits made from asooke especially the wedding gown.

Aso oke is one of the major attire for Yoruba traditional wedding as the bride is usually styled in Iro and Buba while the groom in Dansiki or Agbada.

Despite the fact that many centuries passed, the importance of Aso Oke has not changed. It’s production was only supplemented with modern methods which reduce the size and weight of Aso Oke. The material has become cheaper and more affordable for everyday use. At the same time, the quality remained at a high level.



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