This Vietnamese woman had a set of twins for two different men

This is not a joking sturv.

She had twins, delivered during the same labour for two different men.

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The family had started to worry when they noticed a stark difference between the two children. One was thick with wavy hair, and the other thin, with dreadlocks. But their mother couldn’t explain why they were so different.Tupac gif


So they took the kids for a DNA, and it was discovered that the ‘father’ who took them for the test was actually the father of only one of the children. DNA tests said the fraternal twins (twins who aren’t identical and of the same egg) where fertilised by two different sperms.

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Apparently, two sperms made it to the finish line, so they decided to share the spoils. “You take one, I take one.”

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Now, everyone is looking at the mother like, oya come and explain.



“What happened was that..”

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What happened was that she slept with two men in the space of a few days, and this just happened to be in the same ovulation period.

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Science has an explanation, even though it has failed to explain why we don’t have electricity in Nigeria. This rare phenomenon is called;

“Heteropaternal superfecundation”



As for the mother of the kids, no comments.

If you were the husband on the other hand, what would you do?




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