This video shows that Chinese and Nigerian women share the same struggles

SK-II a beauty brand started a new campaign they are hoping will become a movement. They are calling it #ChangeDestiny.


The short documentary they created talks about the pressure young women in China have to suffer at the hand of society, especially their parents because of one issue —marriage.

Women over 25 who aren’t married in China are called “Sheng Nu”, meaning leftover woman.


So some parents take matters into their own hands and go to a place called marriage market.

What happens is that parents bring photos and details of their own children, with the hopes that other parents bring their children. They compare notes, and match-make them.

sheng nu

Like selling their own children.

And this hits home, because the struggles are just the same with what many Nigerian women have to go through. “Marry and give me grandchildren”, “marry before you expire” etc.

But the question this documentary raised subtly is, are parents asking their children what they want, or are they just shoving these ideas down their throats?

Many Chinese women, like their Nigerian sisters, believe that the greatest value is obedience to parents, and a lot of the time, obeying parents might mean living in misery for the rest of their lives.

This campaign wants to change destinies and restore the power of choice. This is for women everywhere. Watch the video here;





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