This video is everything you need to know about being the eldest child in a Nigerian home

My name is Charles and being the first child in a Nigerian home is not beans, trust me. stressed

Everyone expects you to be responsible and you CAN’T have a choice.

waiting-long bearded

When something goes wrong, it’s your fault from start to finish.

If ‘pressing phone’ was a career, I would have shaken hands with Bill Gates at age 10. It was the Nokia 3310 and my father would scream“every time, you are always pressing phone, pika pika pika” like,

African dad

He just didn’t know how badly I needed to kill those aliens in space impact.

Space Impact

Thoughts became choices and choices became careers. I am now a Computer Programmer; I guess ‘pressing phone’ was my dream after all.

Transfer GIF 1
I never forget that as kids, the longest 10 seconds was when you had to cover the pot after meat mysteriously found its way into your stomach. I thought I was sleek but Daniella always caught me.

Sweat please dont tell daddy

Beg all you want, she will report you and daddy with his emotional blackmail will say,“You think you are doing me? You are doing yourself.”

kanye shake head gif

But now, I know that time of the month when Daniella would have spent all her NYSC allowee and she would not let me rest.sad-phone

I always expect a funny-angry SMS; something about how she bought me Tampico In SS2.Drake tampico

Siblings must stay closer and memories forever Golden.

So I respect my old age and send her small thing with Quickteller.comWhat did I say about being responsible as a first child?

Kanye shrug

You should watch this video, really. It just explains everything I’m saying.



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