This surprise proposal video will make you cry

It made us cry over here and we just had to share it, enjoy it below:

We started dating over a year ago but we’ve known eachother for 4years now,I was a student and he was a banker with a bank near my school. We met and there was always this electrifying moments when ever we talk or chat,I remember we used to chat well into the night until I had to tell him to go to bed as he’d be heading work the next morning,we were friends up until 2016 when he asked me out.We ended up dating with every moment filled with spark and sauce.On this very night he asked that I gather some friends to mark my birthday,I found it quite strange knowing that he was not the kind of guy who enjoys such attention.I had a notch that he might be up to something but I shrugged it as he was his usual self (except a little above excited).He went to work and we both planned the logistics on how to get my friends down to the venue…the birthday party started like every other party with plenty to eat and drink and then questions about me were thrown around..he was the last person to answer his likes and dislikes. He decided to show a little clip to tell my friend how much I mean to him and a glimpse of our journey so far…Soon after that there was a write up like a slide show ”The very first day I met her I said to myself…”I must have something to do with this girl’…It struck me so had that I was convinced at that very moment…4years down the line, I’m so in love with her and she has become the center of my world..I have never met anyone so pious, intelligent,kind-hearted,diligent,hardworking and understanding…I want to spend every day and moment with you babe…I want to wake up everyday with you by my side for a life time…So I’m asking one big question today…Baby, will you marry me?”… I felt all joy and more…of course I said yes and then he put a ring on it…he gave me the best birthday present ever and I can never forget the way he made me feel…special…like a queen…I look forward to a forever with my best friend.. . Congratulations @och_uwa #pwnbling #preweddingnaija

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