This saga of a woman who kidnapped her own kids is the most confusing story you will read today

Abigail Brown was frustrated that her husband had abandoned her and the kids, but she wasn’t letting him get away easy.

So she created a perfect plan. She was going to hide her 2 and 10-year-old children and demand ransom from her husband. She was basically going to kidnap the children from herself, and then take them to her sister’s place, then demand ransom.

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But she still needed some help so she enlisted the help of her husband’s former driver, ThankGod. His job was simple; drop them off at her sister’s place. What a genius.



So she made the call to her husband to make the demands —pay 6 million naira for the release of the children.

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And then the wait began for the money, but it never came. Neither did her husband show up. He didn’t have to. The police did.

While she was being paraded at the Police HQ in Rivers State and they asked her why, she said;

Since he left us and went away, I have been suffering with my children, and I know that he has money.

I only did it to make him bring money for me to take care of the children we had together.



We don’t know exactly how to feel about this, so we’re throwing it open;

Who is to blame here, and what do you think should be the fate of all the parties involved?



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  1. That was the work of a desperate mother, greedy maybe but very desperate. I’ll blame Nigeria and her lack of enough laws, awareness, interest and manpower to ensure when couples separate, a party pays child support. If sure was ensured, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have had to result to this measure. But I see her going to jail and losing the kids she was so bothered about

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