This post is proof that nothing has changed about Nigeria for 3 decades

We found an interesting ad from the 1993 June 12 election.

That same election that MKO Abiola won.

MkO Abiola


But General Babangida just annulled.


Over 20 years have gone by, and we still have the same issues; electricity, water, roads, etc.

Chuzzus sojunu


What’s even more tragic? This cuts through every sector.

 shared snapshots of old Nigerian dailies that will make you believe that yesterday really is just today with better technology.

Like how the Naira is really just falling into a bottomless pit.

And about the hashtag before the hashtag.

Have we ever been battle ready?

Our IMF relationship didn’t start last year.

Whoever thought NFL needed a Glasshouse?

The naira has almost always needed patch-patch.

Subsidy or no subsidy? Not a yesterday debate.

And lastly, did the Nigerian child ever have it good?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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