This Nigerian lawmaker is a Shaolin master and you didn’t even notice

We’ve all had our martial arts moments at some point in our lives. Whether in a real fight,



Or when the reflexes kick in when someone tries to scare us.

reflex punch


Some people followed the path, and ended up becoming Masters. One them is our own lawmaker, Hon. Muhammad Gudaji Kazaure, representing Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankashi Federal Constituency.



This man has mastered the way of the monk so much so that his breath is the way, his movement is the way, his life is the way.

Eparliamentng recently interviewed the Master regarding the current economic situation and President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies.

Most of his speech levitated from the English language to some higher language. We translated what he was saying to mean Nigerians were being sent to Thailand for Agric training, so they can return to train local farmers.

At this moment, he delved into the first zen. We call this,

The landing trainers technique



This technique can deliver anything from a point in a statement, to a fatal punch to the head of the enemy. And guess who else uses this type of technique? Our childhood Kung Fu stuntsman, Jackie Chan, pictured here, doing the battle ready version of the technique.

Jackie Chan



This drunken kung-fu technique began in 11th century China, yet see our honourable Master pulling of the moves like it originated from his village in Jigawa State.



But learning one technique won’t make you a Master. So he went on to explain the economic situation of the country, and in that one, delicate moment, entered into the second zen state.

We call this,

The swaying economy technique




This is not Kung Fu, this is Tai Chi, the philosophy of balancing the body and mind, and then turning it into a weapon. You know who else did this? Jet Li.

Jet Li



And our Honourable mastered a 400-year old art, like his father invented it.

Clap shia gif



Then he dropped more philosophy;

If not because of this strongman General Buhari, its about sinking, now he’s trying to save it. Its in top of the water, not sinking now.


Jet Li2



According to Jet Li, the economy has even jumped out of the water. Bouncing baby economy.

Clapping crying



If you’re still in doubt as to the mastery of Honourable Master Gudaji, watch the interview here.




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