This man walked in on his wife eating Tantalizers with her ‘boyfriend,’ this happened next

Dare Falana, a middle-aged man says he works really hard but right now, he’s sexually frustrated and angry.



But that’s not the worst part.

One day, he came home earlier than usual, and he met his wife, Ganiyat, in their living room, eating Tantalizers.

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Now Dare is so shattered he wants a divorce. He told the Judge at an Igando Customary Court that his wife starves him of sex, cheats on him and is always fighting, inside and outside the home.

He told the court;

“My wife starves me of sex whenever I ask for it. I have to beg my wife for sex as if she is still my girlfriend. She plays all sorts of unimaginable pranks to escape having sex with me. She only comes to me for sex when she feels like and not the other way round. When I complained to her sister, she said my wife said I have a disease, that’s why she stopped having. I’m fed up, I can’t continue this way,’’

Deep down, we know Dare is just as angry about that afternoon delight. In her defence, his wife said our Tantalizers guy is her distant cousin.

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But she had something else to say;

My husband’s ways are questionable, he acts and talks desperately about making money at all cost. He keeps comparing me to his friend’s wife. My husband told me that his friend’s wife is an ogbanje (witch) and she uses that to bring good luck to her husband, that I should be doing same for him, which I refused. He beats me up, but in spite of this I still love my husband,

Wait, first he wants her to collect witchcraft.

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Then he gets to beat her, but she can live with it?


Fellow Nigerians, what is happening? What is wrong with human beings?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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