This London restaurant is letting people eat-in naked

You know how many people like to eat swallow with their shirts off?

Eba guy


It looks like a London restaurant took this craving too seriously. The Bunyadi, according to its website, says;

Free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (optional) and revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life.

When we asked a Nigerian mum if she would eat in a restaurant like that, she didn’t let us finish.

Patience Ozokwor slap


They restaurant hasn’t even launched, but there are already almost 5,000 people waiting to use the restaurant when it finally does.



They also said;

We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it.


“The idea is to experience true liberation,” the founder, Seb Lyall said.

When we asked mum again (this time, from a safe distance) if she would use it since it will make her experience true liberation, the answer was simple.

Ngozi holy spirit


So we ask, what conditions will make you eat naked in this restaurant?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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