This kid solved 10 maths problems in 60 seconds. These 12 photos capture our reaction

Remember Ayodeji Akinkuowo? The kid who solved 10 math problems in the last Cowbellpedia competition?

We imagine what it would feel like to be a classmate of his right now. Like, to be honest, now would just be a great time for your parents to go on a sabbatical or something.

1. When your parents drop the “does he have two heads” question. Two heads

All fingers are not equal please.

2. And they catch you playing outside by mistake


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy na.

3. Then you start to enter depression, just because Ayodeji knows Maths.

Depressed Chris Brown Why me?

4. And your parents force you to be his friends so you can know Maths too.

screams internally chrissy

Because maths must be contagious like Ebola.

5. Then one day you hear that Maths skills are hereditary.


Wait a minute…

6. And then you realise, low key, that Daddy and Mummy don’t know Maths too.

family mattersWaawu.

7. Then you remember that they always say “When I was your age, I was first in class.”


Then how come you don’t know maths?

8. So you decide to confront your mummy for the truth, because the truth shall set you free.


I need answers.

9. But the moment you open your mouth to tell her like this.

Patience Ozokwor slap

Mummy but you haven’t answered the question.

10. The small play they used to allow you play? Cancelled.

sad boy

Who sent me message?

11. And at the next prize-giving day, Ayodeji packs everything again, and you don’t know whether to be happy for him.

Uzo fake smile

This suvvring is too mush.

12. Because your parents are looking at you like.


Did I create myself? Is it not you people that gave birth to me like this?


Ayodeji Akinkuowo dreams of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer. We hope to see him in the news again in the future.



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