This is the most ridiculous heartbreak story you will read today

Osi is at the office being a responsible person, working so he gets paid at the end of the month, but still maintaining his fresh boy steez.



Because money must be made.


Then his phone rings and he picks up. It’s his friend from University.

His friend goes, “I’m sorry, but I just have to tell you. I slept with your girlfriend.”

Fainted gif


What a bastard.

Osi is angry, confused, heartbroken, and so he calls his girlfriend.

Falz cheat


You did my heart like basketball.

By the end of the call, baby girl is just at the other of the line crying like.



It’s just a mistake I made several times.

Osi bangs the call and goes into the office. His colleagues ask him what’s wrong when they see his face.

Will smith pursuit of happiness


You people, it has happened!


And then he goes all Pete Edochie on the whole office like.

Pete edochie cheat


No wiser man than a broken man, my people.

Then he tells his colleagues how his girlfriend cheated on him. And everyone is like.

Shaking hands style


Take heart. You’ll get another person to love you.


Then one of the colleagues goes, “Ah! that girl looked very innocent the day she came oh!”

Sad Chiwetel


Such a baby angel.


And then Osi goes, “No oh! That’s not the girl that cheated. She’s just one of my girlfriends.”

And everybody is like.

Caleon surprise


Mr Man what are you saying?


So you were cheating on your girlfriend with another girlfriend who ended up cheating on you?

Seal super story clapping


Let us give you a round of applause, Mr Man.

And Osi goes, “I wasn’t cheating jor, just normal side-chick.”



Wonders shall never end.


“But I basically was there for here every time. She fucked up.”

Odunlade upstairs


Mr Man, better calm down.


So, over to you.

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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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