This is the most hilarious April-fool-gone-wrong story you’ll read today

This is real.

1. A Nairalander decided to prank his wife for April Fool’s Day.



2. So he thought of his perfect plan, and told her.confused-gif-

Lights. Camera. Action!

3. “I have a confession. Its been eating me up. I have a 12-year old child outside our marriage. I had the child before I met you. I couldn’t tell you before I was scared to lose you.”

Jordan Crying


It was a mistake.

4. She stared at him.


Muzzbe joking sturvs.

5. Then she started to ask him questions to be sure he was serious.


Muzzbe be joke.

6. And he answered the questions perfectly, just as he planned.


I was born for this!

7. And then she stared at him.



That “Where should I start eating you from?” face.

8. And broke into tears.




9. Seeing what was happening, he started to tell her ”April fool!”, but nah, she was having none of it.

crying woman

I’m not listening.


10. “I knew it. I’ve been suspecting it.”

Will smith shock

Wait! Wait. This is just a jokeQ

11. In fact, she added, “I saw it in my dream before we married.”


Muzzbe Josephina.

12. And her verdict? She wants to end their 3-year marriage and leave with their 6-month old daughter.


crying man


Dun cry, dun beg.


13. So he asked fellow Nairalanders for help.

Please Could You Help Me


Somebody epp.

14. And Nairaland gave him the kind of reply we’ve come to know Nairaland for.


You’re on your own. Oya come and be going.


What words would you use to decsribe this man and his stunt?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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