This is nothing serious; just an ex-soldier tired of his wife’s fetish for violent sex

People love their sex the way it best gives them pleasure. Whether they want to be tied up, or dressed in Barney costumes, there are as many fetishes as there are people.

Idiat Rodoye, according to her husband, loves rough, violent sex. Will Smith1

Gafaru Rodoye on the other side of the bed, is old, retired, and tired of all that jizz.

He probably wasn’t expecting any more wars when he retired from the Army.

Will smith pursuit of happiness

He said;

My wife always rapes me. She has turned all my boxers to rags to achieve her selfish aim. I had to run away from my 16-flat building to rent an apartment elsewhere just to avoid her frequent beatings, but she trailed me to my new apartment to fight me. I have reported her several times to different police stations, but it did not yield any positive result.

Will smith shock

He said his family from the village brought him a second wife, but Idiat was ready for her,Cookie

With hot water.Run

And now, he’s begging the Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 20-year marriage, because he cannot come and die.crying man


But Idiat, a 44-year old businesswoman too had a few things to say;

My husband runs after anything in skirt; he always sends me packing from the house whenever he wants to bring in another woman. He once sent me out with the children for three years. After sending me out, he had married six different women, but none stayed long with him. He will always come back to beg me to pack back.

Black woman shock

She denied raping her husband, saying it was normal for husband and wife to have sex.

Will smith

And about her husband asking for a divorce, she really doesn’t give a damn anymore, so yes, the marriage can go to the cemetery.Fuck this Im out

The case was adjourned till April 5 for another hearing.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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