This here is why rapper Fetty Wap is the ultimate Yoruba demon

Who had a girlfriend but chose to impregnate two others within a week and still have an affair with a fourth (and impregnate her too?)

Will smith shock

Nope. He is not a Yoruba boy. The answer isn’t One-eyed Sunday from “Akpan and the Smugglers” either.

Our culprit is the American rapper, Fetty Wap, famous for his award-winning hit single, “Trap Queen.”

Fetty Wap


Clearly, this guy is a sharp shooter, because when he shoots.


He scores.

Its also not a coincidence that Mr Fetty has a mixtape called “Two Face: Fetty Wap or Zovier”.


That “nothing dey happen” state of mind did not create itself.

Now, we look at the women in his life.

1. Alexis Sky.

Fetty Alexis

This is the main chick. The one that goes to the events and makes it to Instagram. That’s not all. She even got a tattoo of Uncle Fetty’s real name. But she’s not carrying any baby, at least not yet.

2. Enter Masika Kalysha.

Just realized that almost all my maternity clothes are gray. Who has cute fashionable maternity stuff? Help ?

A photo posted by Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) on

The reality star from “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood” has said she’s carrying Fetty’s baby because the oga was giving  it to her back to back for four months. She also wants child support, and she’s not asking for chicken change.

3. Next is Tiara Yvonne.

Ima throw at ya can ya catch it?? #TeamTiara

A photo posted by Tiara Yvonne ? (@tiarayvonne) on

This one too is carrying baby for Uncle Fetty.


4. Celina Powell

This one was supposed to be an Instagram groupie that Fetty just used to “pass time”. Now imagine you’re Fetty and you wake up one morning to this mention on Instagram;

Fetty baby


Because when he shoots, he scores.

Honorable mentions:

Dirty Diana



All these was supposed to be secret, until Tiara went and scattered everything.



When we spoke to 2Baba for comment, this was his response,


Clap for the bad guy.

The moral of the story: Yoruba boys don’t do this to people. People do this to people.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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