This guy’s fiancée kicks his ass every time and now he needs your advice

We bring you all new episodes of drama from Nairaland.

In today’s episode, a Nairalander is telling us a story and needs our help.

“I no longer know what to do. We have been together for 8 months and I want to marry her quickly. I have my reasons. She has been my childhood crush for years and now that she gave me a chance I don’t want it to slip away. Many guys flock around her so before one asks her to marry him, I had to do it first. And she is very responsible and definitely not a fling.
chuzzus-smileBut I have problems with her aggression. A little thing she picks an issue with and starts dishing out hurtful words to me.Chuzzus

I always try to apologise and make her happy even when she is wrong not me just so she will be calm. It was working before now it no longer works. Whenever I try to make her happy she gets more angry and tells me I’m trying to patronise her. If I take her out shopping she will be so angry that I’m trying to buy her with money, that I don’t love her.Will smith shock

My fellow brothers, what do I do? There was a day I had to invite my sister to come talk to her, woman to woman talk. This lady pulled the belt on her jeans and began to assault my sister.


I am grateful to God that I was there but even my left eye is still bruised with the way she hit me too that day. And the worst of it all is every time, she gets more angry and more violent. 

gaze gif

I threatened to call off the wedding thinking it will make her rethink but it didn’t, instead she got angry that day and pushed me against the wall. God saved me because if there was a knife or bottle around that day, with the way she was angry, she could have used any on me.

chuzzu cry

Please I need assistance from matured minds. I love her so much that I don’t want to call off the wedding. I want her to be my wife but her aggression is too much. She gets angry easily. She outrightly told me no sex till marriage and I can’t do anything about that because she seems stronger than I am (Yes she works out a lot. Perhaps because she is a model or so I don’t know)

I need help.”

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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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  1. Err… What in the name of all that is pure and true is this guy still waiting for?
    The next time, there just might be a knife handy!
    Flee my brother, flee!
    Person wey don die no dey do wedding o!

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